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Artist to Paint Decorative Designs and Accents

    You may not want a full wall painted with a detailed mural.  You may be just looking for some artistic accents randomly painted to liven up a few spaces here and there.  Just a floral wreath, or a decorative ornamental design to add a bit of interest, or a sports banner, perhaps.  No job is too small.  Below are a few examples.  Keeping it simple can be quite effective. (Scroll down for samples)


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                     Above:  Simplicity is the key in this dining room, yet still creating a dramatic effect.                                      Below:  Old world ornamentation bordered by molding. 

Below:  Eliza's room was decorated with accents of black and white patterned wallpaper.The design above the closet door and the girl's name are painted as a finishing touch. 

Below:  How about a lemon tree on your kitchen door? 

 Above Left: This ornamental swan design gives the illusion of being actually a sculpted relief, but it is a hand painted illusion creating depth.     Above Right:   Peter Rabbit characters enhance a baby's nursery.  This shows that it is not necessary to paint an entire wall to get a pleasing effect.

Above:  A simple silhouette of a skateboarder makes a dramatic statement in this boy's room. 

                     Below left and right:  An ornamental design graces the wall all the way up a spiral staircase. 

Above: This is as simple as it gets. A thoughtful phrase or verse will always warm the soul.  Below: A roses painted on the wall of my granddaughter's                                          room. 

   Above: Tropical birds & flowers add special                           interest to a  doorway. 

Below:  A young girl who loves to dance and loves to cook has her own logo, "The Dancing Chef", painted on her wall. 

Above: Morning Glories and a birdhouse add charm to this child's room Below: The beautiful corbel filled with Ivy is just a painted illusion on the wall of this restaurant. 

Below: A jersey hanging on the wall - a painted illusion.

 Above: A jersey hanging on the wall is a painted           illusion.   Below:  A company logo in the main                              hallway of the business.

           Little decorative touches             make a big difference!

No Job Is Too Small. 


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