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South Florida Artist Paints Wall Murals for Children

I paint custom murals for kids' rooms and nurseries in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.
The sky is the limit when it comes to subject matter for children's murals.  Whether it is fantasy or
fairies, animals, or story book characters, there is sure to be a design just perfect for your child.
Sports theme murals are a very popular choice for boys of all ages.  Or rather than a full mural, a
child's room can be delightfully enhanced with simple decorative touches, such as butterflies,
birds, topiary trees and ribbons randomly painted.  Simplicity can be the key.
My custom murals are sure to fulfill your child's imagination!


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Pirates with Treasure, Murals for Children, Mural Mural On The Wall, Inc.

PIRATES WITH FOUND TREASURE:  This mural was painted in a boy's room, and surrounds all 4 walls. As it continues around the room, left to right, you can see that it pans from the pirates with their treasure, to the shore, and out to sea where their ship is moored off shore.  Below are the pirates in closer detail, and the next two images which show the surrounding walls of the room.  A custom-designed "pirate ship" bed would be added to the decor.

Pirates with Treasure Mural, Mural Mural On the Wall, Inc.
Beach Scene Mural, Mural, Mural On The Wall, Inc.
Pirate Ship Mural, Children's Murals, Mural Mural On The Wall, Inc.

Below:  As a commercial illustrator for many years, I am quite versatile when it comes to different styles and techniques in my painting.  My natural instinct is to paint in a realistic style.  But in the case below, the client requested a cartoon style, using surrealistic bright colors to surround a "reading nook" for his little girl, with flying books and animals enjoying a story read to them by a tortoise. He included an easy chair where he would sit and read each evening to his daughter.

Murals for Children, Storyland Mural, Mural Mural On The Wall, Inc.
Storyland Child's Mural, Animals reading books, Mural Mural On The Wall, Inc.
Safari Mural,  African Animals Mural, Children's murals
Murals for Children, Train mural
Teddybears at the Beach, Mural Mural On The Wall, Children's murals
Kid's room mural, Peter Rabbit Mural
Children's mural, Zebra mural, Mural Mural On The Wall, Inc.
Rainbow and Flowers Mural, Mural for Girls, Mural Mural On The Wall, inc.
African Animals Mural, Murals for Children's rooms
Birds and Cherry Blossoms Mural,  Mural for a girl's room
Above and Below:  Cherry Blossoms adorn the walls of a little girl's room, and a decorative bird cage filled with Morning Glories. Of course, we could not leave out the birds and butterflies!
Cherry Blossoms Mural, Mural Mural On The Wall, inc.
Tree Flowers and Fairies Mural

Above: Fairies, flowers, bees and a tree.  Perfect for a little baby gir's nursery. 

Below:  Depicting the many different stages of flight, from hot-air balloons, to airplanes, to jet planes and rockets, bringing man to the moon, this mural surrounds all 4 walls of a boy's room. 

Hot Air Balloons Mural, Mural Mural On The Wall, Inc.
Jet planes Mural, Blue Angels Mural
Airplane Mural, Murals for Children
Castle Mural, Baby's Nursery Mural, Mural Mural On The Wall, Inc.

Above: Animals are always a delight to children of all ages.  This safari scene brings adventure to this boy's                       room.  Below:  Detail of Chimpanzees 

Mural for Child's room
Monkeys in a Tree Mural
Tree Mural for Children

Above: Cherry Blossom Tree with Birds and Butterflies                      for a new baby girl's nursery.  


Below: Murals with sports themes are very popular. The sports locker below is a classic example of Trompe L'Oeil, a French term meaning "to fool the eye".  

   Consider the fine quality of artwork done on these murals. When you call on me to paint for you, I can assure you that the end results will be enjoyed by you and your children for years to come. 

Circus Mural for Children, Mural Mural On The Wall, Inc.